Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not Bayonetta

= Some screens from the iPhone game I made for Game Production class last semester. [my score is negative cuz it's hard to play and take screenshots at the same time, ok] Working on another iPhone game, this one's gonna be legit.

I also updated the header image! Figured it was about time I put something substantial up there. What's more substantial than robots and dinosaurs? Nothing, I tell ya.

(Man, it's really hard to type when your nails are long.)

And I lied, I accidentally drew this while I was supposed to be doing something else:

Another thought: so many people have blogspot now, and I know even people without it are reading this, so you guys should comment more. [ SARA KING I'M LOOKING AT YOU ] I've had this dumb blog for god-knows-how-long, and it's been lonely, but now it should be a friggin party with all you people on here. The silence of comments makes me feel awkward when I want to comment on other peoples' blogs, cuz then I'm like the loser who actually reads and comments... or something.


jemanjiman said...

I was gonna say that I commented on your last post (which I did indeed try to do) but it didn't let me post it for some reason. Hey though more than happy to post, get this online community thing going! or something.

Yep though, nice work as always! I especially like your new banner... make me want to actually make one for my blog :P

saramations said...



shes cute

morgan said...


Also, I think your iphone game is very cute : 3

brent said...

can I get your game at the app store?

K!M said...

@brent - when / if it hits the store, i'll link ya =)