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Just for shits and giggles.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Huge skateboard dump. (sounds painful)

I have a folder on my computer where I keep images I like, and within that folder is another folder dedicated to skateboard decks; don't ask why cuz I dunno. (There is also a folder dedicated to Bayonetta fanart, but that should require no reasoning.) Anyway, I saw a post recently that reignited my love for deck designs, so um, here's a huge-ass image of my collection of favorite skateboard deck art. When I say huge image, I mean it, because I actually just made a single jpg of all these decks... because I thought it would be easier to post one image instead of 30+. I may have made an incredibly slow-loading jpg, but hey: the time I saved is the time you spend waiting for this jpg to load haha.

Disclaimer: I am not trying to take credit for any of these, in case someone stumbles on this blog and thinks I'm some kind of crazy deck artist. Unfortunately, I can't give you all the artist names for these designs, since I'm lazy and don't remember names, but here are some of the sites where I found these:

- 30 Cool Vector Illustrated Skateboard Decks
- 100+ Truly Stunning Skateboard Designs
- Over 220 Stunning Creative Skateboard Graphics

I'm thinking of drawing a deck for a friend, but seeing as how I still haven't even done my DIY Munny yet, I don't think that will happen in the near future.

I think I'm just scared to death to do anything that doesn't have an undo button.

Lots of dinosaurs in this post.

Haven't done any post-worthy art in a short whiles, but here's a doodle.


Also, some offsite mentions of VegOrMeat! :
+ http://appmodo.com/15058/vegormeat-app-review-for-iphone-and-ipod-touch/
+ http://www.freshapps.com/vegormeat/

If you haven't gotten the game yet, let me show you the path to enlightenment.

Saturday, March 13, 2010




99¢ won't get you much these days, aside from a bag of delicious Jalapeno & Cheddar chips or a tall can of Arizona Iced Tea... which are actually both awesome ways to spend that spare change... but those options aside, your next best bet is to buy a copy of my game!

What my game offers:

- dinosaurs. everyone loves dinosaurs.
- easy gameplay. if you have fingers, you can play. that's what she said.
- i made all the art! wait, i don't know if that's a selling point.
- you can play it while pooping! AWESOME

You know what, I just accidentally bought a copy of my own game, because I clicked the button and it automatically charged my credit card. Wtf Apple! Not that I mind though, since it's WORTH IT. AMIRITE.

Special thanks to this guy for making all of this happen. Read more at VegOrMeat.com

Friday, March 12, 2010

The King has been asking for an update.

... Guess who didn't draw at all over Spring Break?!

Monday, March 1, 2010