Thursday, July 29, 2010

On average, an adult moose stands 1.8–2.1 m (6–7 ft) high at the shoulder.

I saw a real, wild moose for the first time yesterday, and I think it may have changed my life. We were driving in NH and it was just chilling on the side of the road, just feet away from my car. It ran into the woods, and we were watching it from the car for a bit... and then it suddenly started running at us, but turned back around before it got to the road, thank god. Not sure if my insurance covers giant animals ramming my car.

Moose are HUMONGOUS, and the one we saw was antler-less and probably female, which means the males are even bigger. According to Wikipedia, "In winter, moose are often drawn to roadways, to lick salt that is used as a snow and ice melter." haha cute.

Apart from the moose sighting, I also saw Inception, and while it was good, I don't think I would see it twice. Though I would probably pay money to see another moose up close, so I don't know what that says about my priorities.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I need some new video games to play.

asdfirhoere haven't drawn in a while. Doodle from this morning + quick one-shot fleshing-out-and-semi-clean-up. Some good things happening, some not so great lines.

My sleep schedule has been so out of whack ever since I got back to the States. Two nights ago, couldn't sleep past 5am. Last night, didn't sleep until 5am. Either way, I keep falling asleep around 6pm, missing dinner, and then waking up at midnight, starving. IT'S FRUSTRATING.

And while all of this is happening, my brother in the next room is sleeping 12+ hours a night, undisturbed by the time shift. HOW. Maybe because the first night we got back, he slept 17 straight hours, which is probably long enough to call it a coma.

Anyway, enough about jetlag, the trip was really good, pics up on Facebook and Flickr, maybe I'll post some here later. Asia is amazing, despite the unbearable humidity, and Tokyo is probably the best city I have ever been to. One thing I'm really going to miss is the cheap public transportation. After riding the subway in Hong Kong and Japan, I can't believe I have to pay twice as much to ride a train in Boston that's half as clean and efficient. BLASPHEMY. Also they have awesome "fast food" and Japan has toilets that clean your ass, so like, America needs to step up its game.

Then again, we did get to see Toy Story 3 (and all other movies) a month before Asia did, so I guess that's cool. BUT NOT AS COOL AS A TOILET THAT WASHES YOUR BUTT.